Condensing Hybrid Water Heater

A highly efficient, durable storage type of premium water heater, equipped with a primary heat/secondary heat-integrated oval type fire tube, has been exported to North America.

Condensing Hybrid Water Heater

Masterpiece made from 40 years of Kiturami craftsmanship

  • A highly efficient, durable storage type of premium water heater, equipped with a primaryheat/secondary heat-integrated oval type fire tube, has been exported to North America.
  • Aluminum fire tube with outstanding thermal conductivity was applied to prevent oxidationand achieved an Energy Efficiency Grade 1. Additionally, stainless is used for main body to avoidcorrosion and have good durability.
  • Kiturami's storage type heat-exchange technology is your assurance of a sufficientsupply of water. It can store more than 10L to ensure that your hot-water supply isuniform and readily accessible.
  • A ceramic low-NOx premix burner and air/gas ratio control valve have beenadopted to control gas volume according to air volume and thereby achievelow noise and burn stably even when the flue is up to 10M long and bent upto 5 times (acquired South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD)certification.)
  • You can control gas flow (Turn Down Ratio) up to 10:1 and use direct water flowvalue to supply hot water always uniformly at target temperature set by 1°C evenif you use very small amount of hot water under 5L.
  • By adopting exhaust gas back draft damper to prevent external air inhaledwhen not in use, headwind prevention function and freeze-protection functionare built in.

Boiler with utmost safety

  • A gas leak detector is provided to avoid explosion or poisoning due to gas leakage.
  • A seismic detector is provided to stop boiler operation when detecting a 4~5-magnitutde earthquake or vibration.

Internal Structure

  • 1) Air/Gas Ratio Control Valve

    Eco-friendly combustion control technology tocontrol gas volume automatically according toair volume (up to 10M long and 5 times)

  • 2) Flow control valve

    If direct water supply is enough and heat quantity is insufficient, you can control direct water flow to supply water in constant temperature

  • 3) Heat exchanger

    All-in-one Heat Exchanger using of Primary & Secondary Aluminum firetube and High quality stainless ASTM 316L for less pressure loss Over 10 Liter storage

  • 4) Ceramic burner

    Low-NOx eco-friendly premix burner of TDR 10:1(low-noise)

  • 5) Premix fan

  • 6) Gas/air mixer

  • 7) Mixing valve

  • 8) Condensate water trap

  • 9) Controller

  • 10) CAN type circulating pump

Convenient, easy-to-use controller with various functions(P-950H)

You can use various functions including leave, bath, schedule, etc. through very intuitive room controller.

저탕식프리미엄 온수기.png

Features and Benefits of Cascade System

Energy saving hot-water heating system to install and integrate multiple water heaters and boilers with smallcapacity instead of one hot-water heating boiler in large capacity, control hot water supply or heating room withone integrated temperature controller, and provide hot water or heating just as much as required



  • Extensible capacity as much as required and savingmaintenance and management expenses

    In existing medium-large boiler and water heater system,you should the whole medium-large boiler and water heatereven if you want just a little bit of heating and/or hot water.However, since cascade system lets you design capacityorganization when installing, you can operate the boiler orwater heater up to the required capacity. It helps you saveenergy expenses and management expenses such asmaintenance and troubleshooting.

  • Easy to install and move

    If you install a medium-large boiler, you should bear excessivetransportation charge and wastefulness expenses and needwide space. If you install Kiturami cascade system withmultiple compact wall-mount type boilers, you can make thebest use of space without special space limitations.

  • Even if a boiler is broken, use the rest.

    In the cascade system, multiple products are connected inparallel. If a product is broken, you can use the systemcontinuously because the rest will work normally.

  • Easy to control

    The cascade central control system lets you manipulate theproduct easily and conveniently through the computer screen.Because one temperature controller is enough to control thesystem, you don't need to ask for help from a qualified boilertechnician.

Features, Benefits, and Effects of Cascade System


  • Storage type condensing ASME H heat exchanger

    Corrosion-proof and durable stainless (ASTM-316L) heatexchanger equipped with heat/secondary heat-integratedoval type fire tube and exported to North America
    ※ ASME H certified heat exchanger: achieved quality and system certificationby product according to ASME CODE SECTION Ⅳ of American Society ofMechanical Engineers (ASME) which was made to ensure safety for boilerand pressure vessel used in whole industries.

  • Kiturami downward combustion type eco-friendly burner

    Eco-friendly technology which emits log- NOx and CO andspecial ceramic mat to prevent transformation or crack


    Kiturami's exclusive built-in gas leak detector

    The safest device to stop boiler operation and warn of gas leakagewhen gas is exploded or waste gas (burned gas) is leaked

  • Multi purpose damper with multiple functions of heatquantity control (TDR 10:1), headwind prevention,and freeze-protection is used.

    By adopting exhaust gas back draft damper to prevent externalair inhaled when not in use, headwind prevention function andfreeze-protection function are built in (got approval to installcomplex exhaust pipe from Korea Gas Safety Corporation).Because the storage type heat exchanger (13L) has moreirrigation capacity than that of a tankless heat exchanger(approximately 1L), you don't need to worry about overheatingor boiling.

  • Quick heating by adopting storage type structure

    Storage type heat exchanger structure has half of less pressuredrop than that of tankless type structure and circulates morequantity of heat to heat up the room with much load ofirrigation quickly.



  • Energy saving

    • High-efficiency operation through the use of condensation technology
    • Partial operation via control system


    Enhanced maintenance

    • Easy to install and efficient to maintain
    • Easy to add boiler if hot water supply or heating load is increased


    Reduced initial cost

    • Cheaper equipment price if considering heat quantity
    • Easy to move and install in narrower place thanks to small size


    Enhanced boiler capacity options and hygiene

    • Growing boiler capacity efficiently
    • Quick hot water supply to prevent water pollution


    Convenient construct ability

    • Integrated modular type to reduce construction period
    • Improved construct ability by small equipment and PVC flue


    Comfort and convenience

    • Comfort living environment according to quiet operation
    • Easy to use by using front controller and cabled\ remote control

Kiturami, with a half century of history,
is Korea's No. 1 boiler!

Korea-leading company, Kiturami Boiler has grown up based on customer trust.
Now, we move ahead to the world.

Kiturami Boiler Promotion Movie Clip

  • 2016년 18년 연속 가정용보일러 브랜드파워 1위
  • 2007년 9년 연속 품질 경쟁력 우수기업 수상
  • 2015년 15년 연속 여성소비자가 뽑은 좋은 기업 대상
  • 2007년 KS제품 품질 우수 기업 선정
  • 2016년 9년 연속 국가브랜드 경쟁력지수 1위
  • 2009년 가정용보일러A/S부문 서비스품질 1위
Type Unit K1-19H K1-15H
DHW output kW (kcal/h) 58.1 (50,000) 44.2 (38,000)
Hot water Capacity L/min (Water Temp.+Δ25℃) 33.3 25.3
L/min (Water Temp.+Δ40℃) 25.3 15.8
Efficiency % 96 이상
Stand by Electric consumption C 3 미만
Flue Connection Single Exhaust(mm) Intake Ø70, Exhaust Ø75

Multiple Exhaust(mm)
Intake Ø70, Exhaust Ø75
Piping A Cold water Inlet 20 / Hot water outlet 20
Gas Consumption LNG kW (kcal/h) 60.0 (51,600) 45.9 (39,500)
LPG kW (kg) 60.5(4.3) 46.5(3.3)
Outer case dimension mm (W×L×H) 500 × 813 × 416 440 × 730 × 380
Weight kg 48 41
Nominal inlet Gas pressure mmH₂O (kPa) town gas(LNG 13A) : 2.0 + 0.5, -1.0(200 + 50, -100)
LPG : 2.8 ± 0.5 (280 ± 50)
Installation / Flue(Exhaust & Intake) type Wall hung / FF, FE
Max. Flue length FF : 5 bendins and under 10m,
FE : 5 bendins and under 15m
Electric Supply V/Hz 220V, 60Hz
Electric consumption W 72
Hot water pressure W 0.3~ 10.5 (29.4~10.29)
Flow rate for min. Hot water L/min 2.0 이상 (In Pre-heat mode 0)
  • ※ Design and specification might be changed for improving quality without notice and the data is stated by KITURAMI R&D
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