Hybrid Boiler

Excluded electric heater, which had been included in conventional electric boiler, to minimize power consumption and enhance energy efficiency.

Hydro Heatpump Boiler

Masterpiece made from 40 years of Kiturami craftsmanship

  • Power consumption was minimized by excluding electric heater, which had been in conventional electric boiler, and energy efficiency was enhanced by pulse conversion valve control if required due to loads.
  • Digital explosion valve controls superheat refrigerant rapidly and precisely to maximize energy efficiency.
  • To enhance heating capability in cold temperature area, vapor injection compressor is used. Therefore, in cold temperature area where it is -15°C, hot water up to 80°C is supplied regularly (able to operate in -20°C)
  • Brilliant capabilities enough to pass the enhanced KEPCO performance test
  • Wide range of heat-storage tank options by capacities between 1000~2700ℓ are available depending on heating area.

Eco-friendly boiler cares for nature

  • Minimized environmental pollution by adopting vapor injection compressor optimized for eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant whose ozone depletion index is "0."

Customer-oriented, stability and usability-enhanced boiler

  • The color touchpad room-temperature controller with various functions has very intuitive display that you can understand the boiler's status easily and lets you connect the hydro kit with PC to monitor operation and status to perform start-up test or service inspection conveniently.
  • Kiturami Boiler who has made Korean boiler history for last 50 years provides desirable instructions to use and follow-up service via about 300 agents in Korea.

Eco-friendly hydro heatpump boiler system


What is Kiturami Hybrid Boiler?


Ondol is a heating system that heat pump outdoor unit is associated with indoor unit (HYDRO-KIT) to generate and store hot water whose temperature is up to 80°C in heat-storage tank. Compared with midnight electric boiler, it is eco-friendly high-efficiency heating system that minimizes energy consumption and reduced carbon dioxide emission.


KEPCO midnight electric boiler supply project


Because existing midnight electric boiler with heater doesn't have sufficient energy efficiency, Korean electric power corporation (KEPCO) promotes a project to replace with the boiler, equipped with heat pump, which has 2~3 time higher energy efficiency to reduce electric power demands.


A highly compatible boiler


Because Kiturami boiler has significant compatibility, it can use existing midnight electric facilities, plumbing fixtures, heat-storage tank, etc. which had been used with existing midnight electric boiler. Therefore, you can install Kiturami boiler (to replace your existing midnight electric boiler) with much cheaper price than expected.


Kiturami, with a half century of history,
is Korea's No. 1 boiler!

Korea-leading company, Kiturami Boiler has grown up based on customer trust.
Now, we move ahead to the world.

Kiturami Boiler Promotion Movie Clip

  • 2016년 18년 연속 가정용보일러 브랜드파워 1위
  • 2007년 9년 연속 품질 경쟁력 우수기업 수상
  • 2015년 15년 연속 여성소비자가 뽑은 좋은 기업 대상
  • 2007년 KS제품 품질 우수 기업 선정
  • 2016년 9년 연속 국가브랜드 경쟁력지수 1위
  • 2009년 가정용보일러A/S부문 서비스품질 1위
공기열 전기보일러 표준사양표
Type Unit 25kW 25kW 31kW
Item HYDRO-KIT outdoor unit HYDRO-KIT outdoor unit HYDRO-KIT outdoor unit
Appellation - KNHB -250FHC KUHB -250FAC KNHB-250FHE KUHB-250FAE KNHB-310HE KUHB-310AE
Power Phase, Wire, V, Hz 1, 2, 220, 60 3, 4, 380, 60 3, 4, 380, 60
Max. DHW Temp 80 80 80
Target Temp Cold water inlet Temp 15 ~ 75 - 15 ~ 75 - 15 ~ 75 -
Ambient Temp 5 ~ 40 -20 ~ 35 5 ~ 40 -20 ~ 35 5 ~ 40 -20 ~ 35
Rated heating Output W 25,000 25,000 31,000
㎉/h 21,500 21,500 26,660
Electric consumption kW 8.3 8.5 10.5
Cold area heating Output W 21,500 21,500 24,500
 ㎉/h 18,490 18,490 21,070
Electric consumption kW 12.0 11.0 13.2
Refrigerant Kinds R-134a R-410A R-134a R-410A R-134a R-410A
Charging volume(basic charged) 3.0 3.0 3.9 3.0 3.9 4.5
Heat exchanger type Type Plate FIN & TUBE Plate FIN & TUBE Plate FIN & TUBE
Regrigerant control type Type Electric expansion valve Electric expansion valve Electric expansion valve
Outer case dimension W x H x D mm 574 X 1,168 X 328 1,060 X 1,434 X 424 574 X 1,168 X 328 1,060 X 1,434 X 424 574 X 1,168 X 328 990 X 1,750 X 880
Weight 95 135 98 139 102 235
Connection(Refrigerant side) Liquid line Ø (mm) 9.52 (Flare line) 9.52 (Flare line) 9.52
Gas line Ø (mm) 19.05 (Flare line) 19.05 (Flare line) 19.05
Connection(Water side) Inlet A 25 - 25 - 32 -
Outlet A 25 - 25 - 32 -
Recommended water flow LPM 45 - 45 - 55~60 -
Circuit breaker A 75 30 40
Water Tank Circular type 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2300, 2500, 2700
Square type 1200, 1500, 1800, 2000, 2300, 2500, 2700
  • ✽Rated heating : Outdoor temp 7℃(DB), 6℃(WB), Inlet water temp.40℃✽Cold area : Outdoor temp. -15℃(DB), Outlet 80℃
  • ✽Under -15℃, Output and efficiency can be lower than the rated output
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