Grid pattern fire grate prevents combustion plate burn-out and combustion efficiency decline due to clinkers formed after combustion.


Masterpiece made from 40 years of Kiturami craftsmanship

  • Raked No. 1 for pellet boiler sales in Korea (accumulated sales 2009 ~ 2014) - based on national supply project -
  • Heat exchanger main body is organized in the standing 3 Pass structure which absorbs heat in 3 times and keeps exhaust temperature under 180°C. Its brilliant heat efficiency maximizes energy saving effect.
  • Instead of existing method in which fuel is combusted in combustion chamber, fuel and air are fully combusted out of combustion chamber according to premix combustion method. Heat exchanger can maximize its efficiency of heat transfer by adopting premix gun type spiral burner.
  • Grid pattern fire grate prevents combustion plate burn-out and combustion efficiency decline due to clinkers formed after combustion.
  • Allowed to supply fuel precisely and to supply large amount of fuel by using silo type fuel hopper.
  • All the Kiturami large pellet boiler models acquired agricultural certifications.

Eco-friendly boiler cares for nature

  • Since separate dust collector is provided outside of heat exchanger, every fine dust from boiler is processed.

Customer-oriented, stability and usability-enhanced boiler

  • Equipped with every safety unit and perfect control unit including overheating protection, low-water level detection, low light detection, winter freezing prevention, motion detection (CT sensor), etc.
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Internal Structure

  • 1) Fire tube cleanout

    Easy to clean fire tube thanks to 2 fire tube cleanouts on top of boiler

  • 2) Gun type premix spiral pellet burner

    Gun type premix spiral pellet burner equipped with grid pattern fire grate with no clank

  • 3) Auto controller

    Equipped with Heating Temperature/Circulating Pump/Fuel Supply control and cutting-edge auto -control functions including overheating/low-water level/winter freezing prevention, etc.

  • 4) Fan

  • 5) Dust collector

  • 6) Drawer ashtray

Room Temperature Controller with Various Functions (CTR-5700PLUS)

You can use various functions including leave, bath, schedule, etc. through very intuitive room controller.


Kiturami, with a half century of history,
is Korea's No. 1 boiler!

Korea-leading company, Kiturami Boiler has grown up based on customer trust.
Now, we move ahead to the world.

Kiturami Boiler Promotion Movie Clip

  • 2016년 18년 연속 가정용보일러 브랜드파워 1위
  • 2007년 9년 연속 품질 경쟁력 우수기업 수상
  • 2015년 15년 연속 여성소비자가 뽑은 좋은 기업 대상
  • 2007년 KS제품 품질 우수 기업 선정
  • 2016년 9년 연속 국가브랜드 경쟁력지수 1위
  • 2009년 가정용보일러A/S부문 서비스품질 1위
대형 펠릿 보일러 표준사양표
Type Unit KRP
Item KRP-180P KRP-250P KRP-350P KRP-500P KRP-600P
Fuel type grade 1~2 grade(Dimension Ø6, Ø8 X under 32㎜)
Max. operating pressure ㎏/cm2 under 1
Fuel feeding - Automatic screw fuel feeding
Temp. contro - Automatic Temp. control(heating & Facility)
Heating Temp Temp. Range 45 ~ 80
Facility Temp. Range 8 ~ 45
Fuel consumption ㎏/h 48 70 92 126 172
Operating flow rate 490 700 750 1,200 1,400
Heating output ㎉/h 179,000 266,000 332,000 497,000 664,000
Efficiency(High heating value) % 81.7 81.9 82.2 84.7 83.2
Burner type - premix gun type spiral burner
Ignition type - 압력분무식 기름버너 방식
Product (including burnber and dust collector) W mm 1,550 1,730 1,730 2,152 2,152
L mm 2,720 3,200 3,200 3,851 3,851
H mm 1,580 1,784 1,934 2,065 2,365
Flue connection mm 250
Heating Return&outlet A 50 65 65 80 80
Electric consumption(including burner) W 520 800 1,130 1,400 1,500
Electric Supply - 220V / 60Hz
  • ※ Design and specification might be changed for improving quality without notice and the data is stated by KITURAMI R&D
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