K1 Condensing

Boiler with Energy Efficiency Grade 1 and an Eco- friendly Standard Grade 1 promises to provide sufficient amount of water based on storage type structure, which is suitable for Korean Ondol heating system, and save gas dues based on downward burning method.

K1 Condensing

Masterpiece made from 40 years of Kiturami craftsmanship

  • Eco-friendly boiler with Energy Efficiency Grade 1 to save gas dues and achieve Korean NOx Grade 1

Hot-water storage boiler that is suitable for Korean Ondol heating system

  • Hot-water storage structure, which is suitable for Korean Ondol heating system, allows boiler to work smoothly regardless of heating overload.
  • Primary heat/secondary heat-integrated storage type heat exchanger equipped with special fire tube made from good corrosion-resistant stainless and aluminum with good thermal conductivity
  • Hot water heat exchanger which has advanced thick stainless hot water pipe with large irrigation capacity to provide enough amount of hot water and to be secure against blockage due to foreign substances
  • Provides Quick and sufficient amount of hot water tapping because insulated tank is always heated and kept warm while boiler is working.

Eco-friendly low-NOx boiler

  • We've achieved Korean NOx Grade 1 by premix surface combustion.

Boiler with utmost safety

  • A gas leak detector is provided to avoid explosion or poisoning due to gas leakage.
  • A seismic detector is provided to stop boiler operation when detecting a 4~5-magnitutde earthquake or vibration.

Internal Structure

  • 1) Kiturami's exclusive built-in gas leak detector

    The safest device to stop boiler operation and warn of gas leakage when gas is exploded or waste gas (burned gas) is leaked

  • 2) Seismic detector

    The safest device (applied cutting-edge gyroscope-type technology) to prevent gas explosion and fire and reduce any secondary damage when detecting 4~5-magnitutde earthquake or vibration and considering the status of Korea where is no longer safe from earthquake

  • 3) Hot-water storage condensing heat exchanger

    Primary heat/secondary heat-integrated type condensing heat exchanger made of advanced corrosion-resistant stainless

  • 4) Eco-friendly burner

    Produces low-NOx, CO emission, high combustion efficiency and low noise by adopting premix type combustion method and metal fiber burner.

  • 5) Open vented hot water expansion tank

  • 6) Controller

  • 7) gas ratio control valve

  • 8) Circulating pump

  • 9) Premix fan

  • 10) Condensate water trap

Room Temperature Controller with Various Functions (CTR-5700PLUS)

You can use various functions including leave, bath, schedule, etc. through very intuitive room controller.



Kiturami, with a half century of history,
is Korea's No. 1 boiler!

Korea-leading company, Kiturami Boiler has grown up based on customer trust.
Now, we move ahead to the world.

Kiturami Boiler Promotion Movie Clip

  • 2016년 18년 연속 가정용보일러 브랜드파워 1위
  • 2007년 9년 연속 품질 경쟁력 우수기업 수상
  • 2015년 15년 연속 여성소비자가 뽑은 좋은 기업 대상
  • 2007년 KS제품 품질 우수 기업 선정
  • 2016년 9년 연속 국가브랜드 경쟁력지수 1위
  • 2009년 가정용보일러A/S부문 서비스품질 1위
K1 Condensing
MODEL 13H 16H 20H 25H 30H 35H
Installation / Flue(Exhaust & Intake) type Wall hung / FF or Semi-closed FE
Heating output Conventional kW (kcal/h) 15.1(13,000) 18.6(16,000) 23.2(20,000) 29.0(25,000) 34.9(30,000) 38.4(33,000)
Condensing kW (kcal/h) 16.8(14,500) 20.9(18,000) 25.5(22,000) 31.4(27,000) 37.2(32,000) 40.7(35,000)
DHW flow rate L/min(△T30℃) 7.2 8.9 11.1 13.9 16.7 18.3
Efficiency LNG Gross (%) 87.9 88.6 88.1 88.1 90 88.8
Seasonal (%) 97.6 98.2 96.5 97.5 97.8 97.6
Gas Consumption LNG kW (kcal/h) 17.4(15,000) 21.5(18,500) 27.9(24,000) 33.1(28,500) 40.4(34,800) 44.7(38,500)
LPG kW (kg/h) 17.4(1.25) 21.5(1.55) 27.9(2.0) 33.1(2.37) 40.5(2.9) 44.8(3.21)
Flue Connections Intake ø75mm / Exhaust ø75mm
Max Flue Length 5 bendins and under 10m
Ignition type 연속방전 직접점화 방식
Electric Supply AC 220V / 60Hz
Outer case dimension W X H X D (mm) W 420 X H730 X D290 W 440 X H760 X D305 W 480 X H780 X D345
Weight(kg) 26 27 29 30 36 38
Nominal inlet Gas pressure L N G 2.0 kPa (200 mmH2O)
L P G 2.8 ± 0.5kPa (280 ± 50mmH2O)
Connections Direct Water, Hot Water FF1/2”(15A)
Heating outlet, return PF 3/4”(20A)
Gas PT 1/2”(15A)
  • ※ Design and specification might be changed for improving quality without notice and the data is stated by KITURAMI R&D
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